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Our resources provide practice with listening to and speaking English, as well as spelling,  pronunciation, grammar, reading and writing.
Students & teachers say our resources are ‘useful, easy to use, relevant, interesting - and most of all fun.’

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International English Books & Audio                        Click on cover images for resource information and to buy.
Rhyming Stories - practice with the sounds and spelling of English
Rhyming Stories - practice with the sounds and spelling of English (A5)

Beginner English (International English)
Word Building Activities & Englishg Language Skills

Understanding Spoken English - Book One

Understanding Spoken English - Book Two

Understanding Spoken English - Book Three

Spelling and Pronunciation (International English)
Understanding English Pronunciation

SPELL and Phonemic Charts

Australian Books and Audio
Understanding Everyday Australian - Book One

Understanding Everyday Australian - Book Two

Understanding Everyday Australian - Book Three

People in Australia's Past - their stories, their achievements
Note - the A5 reader is 'Out of Print'. The famous Australians sories can be read in the Language Workbook.
The Language Workbook and audio CD are still available.

            Across Great Divides:                                       Stories of Life at Sydney Cove
  True Stories of Life at Sydney Cove         Young reader edition of 'Across Great Divides'




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